Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept. 28 - Wednesday

I got together with a friend (yes, I said friend).  I took a lesson from Liz and stalked her so we could be friends forever.

We put together the Cheet-O conference packs and just talked.  It was nice to just talk...although it did make me a little misty for my other friends.

I hit the Amish store today....fully stocked deli!  Oh yeah...and I bought a pound (a FULL pound and a little extra) of LUCKY CHARMS MARSHMALLOWS!  It made me happy.  And as I posted on Facebook, there is something ODDLY satisfying about eating handfuls of lucky charms marshmallows.  I'm just sayin'.

They also had some other amazing foods and deals....Guess where I am going to start shopping regularly!  WOOHOO!  And they have BACON, EGG and CHEESE bread....they love me.

We had Young Womens that night, making temple blocks and a few of our wonderful girls couldn't come...but a couple of the ones that didn't make it did manage to win their championship game!  It was FABULOUS!

Oh and I took Caleb to the when you see him, be sure to welcome the latest asthmatic to the family.

Sept. 27 - Tuesday

Honestly, I don't remember a lot about Tuesday. Oh yes I do....I'm talking to myself while that a sign of something bad?

Caleb stayed home from school.  He bawled about going.  He has been sick...but he was even begging me to find another school for him to go to....which makes me really sad.  Especially when he says he knows there are good schools in Utah.  He also told me he really missed great grandma and she would understand.....

So he and I had a 'bonding' day.  I really think the poor kid needed a mental health day.  We worked out in the yard and found a ginormous ant hill....

Which comes to play in the evening activities.  Caleb and I had apparently angered the ants and they attacked the house.  They were in EVERY....FREAKING.....ROOM.  It sucked.

Sept. 26 - Monday

Some days are never expected.

Poor Felix had a business trip and because of scheduling had to take one of our cars to the airport.  Sadly, he hit traffic...he made his flight....but barely.

Noah stayed home from school puking his guts out, I ran errands and the dog got a hair cut.  I know we are so excited we can never stay still.

I worked on my Faith value all day, which I really, really, really needed to do.  It was a welcome distraction, but also a reminder of why I'm here.  I'm here because Heavenly Father said I needed to be....and I listened (for a change).

Then I got a call from Felix....there were all sorts of problems with his flight to the next leg of his trip and so he was bagging his trip and heading home.  Four day trip shortened to 1.  Whoa.

I know it was hard on him...but it worked really good for me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sept. 25 - Sunday

Another peaceful Sunday.  Yay for YW....always so much fun and so looking forward to General Conference this upcoming weekend.

I started my YW medallion today.  Felix is leaving on a trip on Monday.  His travelling companion wanted to leave Sunday night, but Felix decided to drive one of our cars into Saint Louis rather than leave early.  It will actually work out better for Thursday!

We just vegged all day.  There were a few nervous breakdowns...but overall it was a  nice quiet day.

Sept. 24 - Saturday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAVANNAH!  She's 14.  I don't want to talk about it.

So have I mentioned I live in the middle of nowhere?  Savannah wanted to see abduction....the new Taylor Lautner movie (he should pick another career or just walk around with his shirt off....I'm just sayin').

We drove an hour to the theater (yes an hour)  [Side Note:  There is a 4 screen theater in town....but for whatever reason....there is never anything interesting playing].  We made it in plenty of time, got snacks, got settled and watch it.

Caleb got up 3 times.  I had to get up once for me.  Baylee threw up...again, too much excitement????

Then an hour home.  Took the dog out and headed to the steak house for dinner.  Of course there was the obligatory fighting amongst siblings who's birthday it was not.

We did cake later....and Savannah really liked her presents.  Toms, iHome, books, jewelry....and a surprise designer purse from her dad....I know, I was shocked too.

Sept. 23 - Friday

It's official.  It's Homecoming...for the high school.  Everyone, including elementary schools get out early today.

Felix drug me down to Piedmont.....I really didn't want to go....I have other things to do.  But we went....I saw it.  Let's go home.

We then went to the parade.  Noah was on a float (i.e. car)...but goodness knows why he wouldn't say hi mom or anything when he went by so I could have taken a picture.  Sigh.

We made it home and we all crashed.  Too much excitement I guess.  Noah and Baylee had a primary activity, and when it was over we found a pretty good little Italian place for dinner.

That was nice.

Sept. 22 - Thursday

I made friends!  And we hung out and DID A CRAFT!  And for all those of you who know me, and totally know that I am NOT was fun....and it even turned out!  WOOHOO!

Then it was off to start getting dinner ready.  It's Thursday....which means the missionaries are coming over!  We invited the Chapmans too....because they are infinitely more fun than us.

We did sloppy joes....because it's easy and I found an amazing BLT pasta salad was mighty tasty.

A good time was had....even though an extra set of missionaries came and my kids were off the usual.  And since I always plan ahead...yes, there was plenty to eat.